What We Do?

We make your business effective and extraordinary by adding the CardMode effect!

The first impression is the last impression, we know that we have experienced it too. But certainly, we forget the same is applicable to our business too!

We help you create a sharp and unique first impression of your business via customized digital business cards rather let's call them smart business cards as they exchange your business information without much ado.

We have build a platform from where you can treat yourself with a tailored or customized digital business card and share it globally! Besides, if you want to explore your creative side you can make one for yourself from the scratch.

In nutshell, we are providing customized digital business cards that are cost-effective, aesthetically beautiful and at the same time highly user friendly.

What We Do

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    Pre-Designed Business Cards

    We shall provide you with templates and layouts of business cards that you’ll love! This will make it easy for you to share this digital business card and make the most of it!

  • 02
    Customized Business Cards

    If you don’t want to settle for pre-designed layouts, you can most efficiently make changes or start designing from the scratch! You can design as per your choice!

  • 03
    Like & Share

    Once the card is finalized, you are all set to share the digital business card! Share it as and when required and it’s done! Smart sharing of virtual business cards!

Be Your Own Designer - That’s The Concept!


Digital Business Card Online

Why Not Us?

Well, that makes more sense!

Because we are the only one in this segment that presents you an opportunity to self-design your business card in your way!

It is a call to get rid of those long and lethargic decisions with designers, giving them revision, finding it difficult to explain to them how you have imagined your business card to be, and a never-ending discussion on what looks better…

You can eliminate all of these with CardMode!

Because here you are the designer and you are the entrepreneur! It's completely your call!

  • Be a Trendsetter in the easiest way!
  • Non-Tech Savvy people are also welcomed!
  • Easy to create, easier to share!
  • No paid ads (promise!)
  • No long rendering process!
  • 1000s of inbuilt designs to choose from!
  • Easy tutorials for guidance!
  • Accessible from the phone!

How to make the most out of our platform?

To make efficient use of the opportunity, the goal should be clear!

The same logic here can help you make the most out of our platform!

We insist that our user should pre-decide their goal of designing; whether they want a digital business card or they just want a single color business card or they are going to opt for a business card with geometric shapes and so on!

Decide Your Goal and Your Goal will help you design!

Select the design you like from samples or create your version of a digital business card, Customize it, And it's done! Share it - Use it!

Did you know that if you are one among the following, this platform shall be a boon for you!

  • Graphic Designer
  • Businessman
  • CEO of the company
  • Small business owner Cottage Industry owner
  • Freelancer
  • Independent worker
  • Artist
  • Social Media Star
  • Influencer
  • Vocational Training Provider
  • Teacher
  • Orator
  • Or A person who uses a business card to introduce himself and his business!

Hey, don't feel sad if your industry is not mentioned here! We constantly keep on upgrading the list as our user base keeps on expanding! We are glad that you are making use of the platform, keep using it!

Business Card for Your Business


Smart Digital Business Card

Smart work start with digital business cards

Have a glance at some ravishing Virtual business cards!

Change the way of doing business, change your business card…

Upgrade your old business card, make it a Digital Business Card!

Want a Digital Business Card? Get it Here!

  • We are one of its kind of a company that is providing an established platform to our users for designing digital business cards, and use it to give their business a pace!
  • Whether you are technically sound or you are a new bee as a designer or you are a layman with no knowledge of designing - you all are welcomed!
  • We have designed this platform in a user-friendly way, it shall be convenient for anyone from any background to design the card of their choice- rather design the digital business card of their choice!
  • Follow the steps, select the customizations and export the design!
  • Be your own Designer - that’s the concept!



Our USPs

  • Are You a Professional Graphic Designer? - If No, read further!

    We have designed this platform, especially for non-technical persons. Whether you are a graphic designer or you have no clue about designing, you'll be able to still design a dynamic digital business card! Just follow instructions and you are done!

  • Bored of designing digital business cards? - If yes, read further!

    If you are bored of designing digital business cards, here is a hack! We already have pre-designed templates of digital business cards that are just beyond awesome! Don't believe us, just look out for templates!

  • Don't want to go too technical? If yes, keep reading!

    Don't worry! You can design your digital business card in just one minute! Pick up a template, edit your details, download, and share. That’s it - it’s done! Just as quickly as you read it - you can do it!

start your free trial now!

We won’t ask for credit card details

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Some People are praising us;
let’s check out!

I am completely amazed at this website, I created a digital business card for my business in literally like a few minutes. It is perfect for a non-designer person like me.

kurt v. perez
Testimonial Image

Some People are praising us;
let’s check out!

Finally, I got a platform wherein I can create my own digital business card the way I want. Also, the pre-designed layouts are so good that I couldn't miss them. It's easy and user-friendly.

John d. candy
Frequently Asked Questions

Never asked Questions

Why should people use CardMode?

It is a dynamic platform that helps people to create their ideal digital business card in no time or they can select from templates. It's simple, quick, and easy!

Why do you need a Digital Business Card?

Digital is the future! People are preferring buying the majority of things online or digitally, so to grow digitally - first, you need to digitalize. And using a digital business card is the first step towards digitizing your business. Also, digital business cards are highly preferable in the covid era - as everything happens in a contactless way!

Can I make more than one digital business card?

You absolutely can have more than one card and to do that you just need to add another card with a new design and details. And before sharing your Digital card just choose the right one according to your needs.

Do I still need to keep physical business cards?

We would say, it's your choice! You can decide that based on the people with whom you are sharing or shall share a digital business card.

You can carry physical business cards if you feel your client base doesn’t own a phone, otherwise, digital business cards are needed for an hour.

Are there any hidden charges for using CardMode?

No, we have a transparent business policy. We have already mentioned our package rates and that's it! You pay what you see - no playing with the number, no hidden charges.

A free trial has to be free!

While opting for the free trial, we promise we will never ask for credit or debit card details or pre-promised payment details! It’s completely free! Grab a free trial now!

Our pricing plan

$39/ Year

  • Basic
  • Ideal For
  • Single Person/Individual
  • No. Of Cards
  • 1 Card

$159/ Year

  • Standard
  • Ideal For
  • Start-Ups/Small Business
  • No. Of Cards
  • 5 Cards

$499/ Year

  • Premium
  • Ideal For
  • Companies/ Enterprise / Medium Or Large Business
  • No. Of Cards
  • Up To 15 Cards


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